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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Been away for so long and finally I'm back. Was busy with my graduation stuff, moving from hobart to melbourne stuff and also travelling around with my parents in Australia. Feel soooo good after all but unfortunately, i got the bad news ever in this year for the past few days, that is, Bobby knocked down by two cars and died. I was so shocked as well as my parents. We feel so sad and sorry for Bobby. He is my housemate's dog, which is an orphan, bcoz his owners are already gone. I miss him damn much and can't believe, i cry for him for 3days. Can't imagine what if Dou dou or Coco leave me alone one day in the future. Mum always ask me not to keep pets and i guess this is the reason. I need to be strong, so i don't wanna talk more about pets stuff at this moment. :)

Let's talk about my graduation. It was on 21/8/2010. My BIG BIG dayyyy
 Specially Thanks to my parents for giving me the chance to get this cert. Muahhhhhsss~

So after the graduation, I move to Melbourne as parents+ sis they all encourage me to look for a job in mainland. And of course, I'm happy to move here as well.Lol.I have been here for 2 weeks, so far i found a room, will be Lee Yee's future housemate soon, and need to thanks Mr. Adrian seriously for "giving" me your room. THANKS :)

Finally, Thanks god for giving me the chance to interview this morning, and also thanks god that i got it!!! I appreciate it very much even though it's not an accounting post, at least i already gained one interview experience :)

I'm happy, so i want to share some photos <3
My dog, the black one in Dou-dou!!
It's Parrot Heaven, no fear of human at all! cute <3
That's Bobby, isnt he cute?! R.I.P Bobby, u're my angel <3<3<3
my lovely Dou-dou again :)
The end for this post, will write something about Merdeka eve and also about my working life which starts from tomorrow although i already feel the boring-ness of being an Office Lady (Olay).LOL.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bo.Peep Ahhh

Yeshh, the dance performance is finally over :) Feel so released now! My heart was going to stop working when we r waiting for our turn to perform, thanks god that everything is over now. This is my very first time perform in the Uni but i actually already graduated.Haha.Sound weird. Anyway, i enjoy dancing very much and at least have a chance to perform b4 i officially leave the University. Just fyi, we were performing [Bo Peep Bo Peep] by T-ara. I actually don't know what ppl comment about us, could be good or bad, but hopefully the comments are not all bad.Haha.Bcoz we already tried our best to learn&plan the steps within 1 week time. And the other important thing is, dancing with korean song doesn't mean we are korean WANNABE okay?! F!!

The photo above was taken after the show. Love our leopard print stocking hell much but wonder why some of the guys don't really like it? Too wild? lolx And guess what? Sarah, one of us, her bf actually took 6 videos of us secretly when we were waiting for our turn and we look like sooo damn Nervous and also doing smtg funny !! Lmao but the videos are still with her, gonna take from her after back from Melbourne next Friday. =D

I am totally exhausted when wake up in the morning, i was like, head keep spinning and feel so tired and thirsty FML. Yet quite enjoy clubbing last night at Obar with peeps. So sad that Sarah and her housemates left so early :( It's alright, i guess we'll be there again real soon.Hehe. Alright, i think that's all for this post. Going to watch tv and sleep after that. 6am Flight tmr morning and i'll see my mum&dad in Melboune, yeeahh!!

No idea why my lips can become as red as chilli @@

p/s: I hope i've times to make a video about us b4 and during the dance performance :)  

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dream, can I?!

Omg, it's the first time spot check happened. I dunno y the agent rang and said gonna inspect the house in next few minutes. And u know, my dog, Dou-dou is illegal in the house as contract said no dog in the house. So i pack the dog food and everything related to dou-dou and leave the house immediately in only few minutes time. And shitz that we had been fool-ed at the end :( Tskkk!!

okay, this is how i look when i rush out!! DamnIt!!
ohYa, something suddenly pop out in my mind recently. And i couldn't get the answer yet. So i need help, pleaseee~ The something is >> is it a good idea to run a bubble tea/dessert house business in hobart, tasmania? Because i love bubble milk tea hell much and i wish i could have a cute bubble tea shop. Please gimme some ideas, i need some suggestions. Aiksss, i keep thinking of owning a shop, i really wish i can have a superb cute shop with my own designing ideasss. "what should i name the shop?" "what is the theme of the shop?" "what else should i have in my shop other than bubble tea?" The questions keep spinning in my head, n idk y!! haha And i even thought i can have franchise in the future LMAO!

Okay, so, what if, WHAT IF i could fulfill my dream and i own a cute and cool bubble milk tea shop in hobart (sandy bay?), would u come and "pong chan" me?! Lolzz, don't laugh!! I mean, what if!!!
Ding ding..My future shop =D

p/s: Feel free to leave ur valuable comments and suggestions please. Appreciates =)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Number 6

Went to the Birthday party last night with mr. K. We head directly to the party place after mr. K finish working without having our dinner. Aiksss I was sooo damn hungry, and until now, i'm still hungry. Waiting for the bb to come and pick me up and go for lunchie while blogging.
The Birthday girl, Ah Wing!! Have a great one sweetie :) (I wonder why i always in blackie?) 
Something really shity happened during the party! I seriously hate it!! Why? Why should the people challenge each other after they are drunk? I mean it's all right if you cry, shout, sing or whatever shitz after you got drunk but why want to be a racist (in term of diff ASIAN countries)? Don't you think that's silly and shameful? We are all Asian that staying together in OZ!! I mean why do u want to show your impoliteness to the public, it's your friend's birthday party!!Please larrrr..please respect the birthday girl.. TSK tsk!! Eweehhh

Okay, back to the topic, from this sentence onwards, i'm writing after the lunchie time, Lolzz, take me whole day to blog! Mr.k and me we went to SouvlakiHut, the greek restaurant to have our lunch. Seriously, i fall in love with this Greek food, cause of the juicy Beefff!! Yumm to the max~

The 1st time i had the wrap with mince beef but i prefer the second time which i ordered slice beef wrap. OMG, the beef is just thumbs UP, 100% recommed Souvlakihut!! (I got 16 for the 1st time and 6 for second time, conclusion, 6 is my lucky number! Lolzz)

Since i'm so free recently, i will make 2 videos for blogging purpose, 1st-- a video about Dou-dou, my dog and the 2nd--bo peep bo peep, Lolz. Got the call from Jou and she told me we need to perform in the multicultural night. Gosh, been ages i never dance. Don't think i can dance well and my whole body "Oucchhhee" after 2 hours practice ytd, FML. Hopefully everything go smooth and also, Stay tuned :)    

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nissin :9

Are u a Nissin cup noodle fans?! Well, I'm Nissin big big fans!!

How good if we get to have this service in somewhere around us. Japan bravo!! Nissin bravo!! You can customize youself and choose any flavour that you likey!! Loveeee, for sure i wanna try this one day if i go to Japan again. =D Enjoy!